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AQA Solution offering school ERP management software easy and better control on various processes in the education institution. With an unparalleled and easy to use interface, our school information management system changes tedious and repetitive processes in the organization to simple and efficient ones. This school ERP software helps in saving a lot of time, money and energy, leading to better performance of the staff and students. Thereby, benefiting all the stakeholders, be it the Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Student, Management or the Parents.

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Support services usually have multiple levels.from phone support to consulting.and associated costs and include services like bug fixes, incident resolution, patches, and updates and upgrade assistance. Cloud Based ERP systems that automatically update areas such as patching have helped reduce service costs for companies.


: AQA Provides an organization with The features such as time tracker, employee database, time tracker and spreadsheets. The system automates processes such as payroll system and employee performance evaluation.

Data Security And Backup

A web based service saves data on cloud Based instead of saving it on decentralized databases hence, the data can be retrieved easily. Backup of data is automatic and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

Change Control

Comprehensive control over the configuration of the work product baseline. This includes following the configuration of each of the items, endorsing a new configuration if necessary and modifying the baseline.


AQA school management system equally beneficial for small and medium-sized keep your school organized. Your day to day tasks and reports are automated saving your administrative resources. School Administration System has never been easy and clutters free before.

Track Student Performance

Teachers can see a students performance by strand over time,
as broken down by class, via the Performance by Class report. You may drill down by strand, strand segment, individual student to view different aspects of the data..


Highly definite processes and
The incorporated teams. Larger development work sets are broken into smaller modules that can be developed in parallel by multiple teams and integrated to reduce development time for customers.


Win your customers’ with The increased process repeatability The and predictability using integrated variation and defect reduction tools within the AQA Manufacturing Cloud Based ERP.